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25 April 2012

Brussels Expo Day 2

Summary of the show part 2.

Today I experienced an amazingly positive boost of my self-esteem: first, I was recognized by people I was just passing by… a few times actually. Second, I was misquoted twice during the day (which at least means that people read my articles or interviews). Third, I was told that deals of my fellow partners came trough because of my publications and price projections.

Dear blog audience, I thank you for this wonderful feedback and look forward to give you more input in the future. But please, assume I’m a human and am subject to human errors as well. Having said this, I ask you to not only base your opinion on my information.

Down to business: my feeling of Chinese processors getting orders confirmed today as I had a few productive large-volume supply contract discussions. The processors would not say, but I assume that without a buyer on the other end they would not commit to these volumes.
Salmon remains a hot topic, and as it seems wild salmon is a mysterious product for many. Some see it as a part of salmon variety and put it in line with farmed species, however I had a talk with an interesting company that has a different approach: assuming good quality of the product, they would market it as a “boutique” product compared to farmed salmon. Altrough the demand of this company is not huge, I think it’s an interesting concept worth exploring and will support it.

Off to a dinner meeting with my fellow buyers from Bremerhaven.

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