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11 April 2012

Sakhalin and Kuriles to add fishery facilities

New ambitious project on Sakhalin

The members of the Sakhalin region Council recently enrolled a discussion of projectsincreasing the aquatic resources catches and fish processing on shore facilities in the Sakhalin-Kuril area.
The project developed by the “Gidrostroy” company includes increase of Saury and Alaska Pollock catches, building year-round canning plant in the village of Ozerskoe, and commissioning industrial refrigerator for 4 thousand metric tons.
The project also involves a port infrastructure development on the island of Shikotan to enable mechanized processing of fish products.
The total project cost is about USD 350 million, and the objects are scheduled to be put into operation by November of 2012.
The works are carried out through partnership where private businesses are responsible for the creation of manufacturing facilities and ensuring an effective utilization of resources, while the state companies construct infrastructure.
According to announcements, cold storage facilities are ready to use, and a new pier will be put into operation by autumn 2012. The building of the canning plant in the village of Ozerskoe is completed for 70 per cent.
For the current year it is planned to buy and install canning equipment, and also to finish the pier construction.
It’s interesting to note that shares of the state budget funds invested into the project and funds from other investors are 30/70. It means that companies become more active in their collaboration with the state, and are not afraid to invest into the Russian fishing industry.
According to one of the insiders with whom I’ve talked, a scheme like that will be used for further projects in the Russian fishing industry. So take your chances, especially if fisheries get 20 years quota allocation, a plan being actively discussed on a government level at the moment.

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