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16 April 2012

State inspects Russian salmon hatcheries

High quality of Russian salmon was confirmed.

Salmon is one of the most important products for our customers, so I’m always glad to share my piece of mind about it.
Several days ago, state committee completed inspection of several salmon hatcheries in the Sakhalin Region. The audit found the infrastractural state of aquaculture products satisfactory and relevant to the regulations applied to fish farming.
On the main part of the surveyed enterprises the aquaculture products in the “free embryo” stage are placed for growth in special nurseries under incubation-like conditions.
According to the committee representatives, within 2012 the Sakhalin hatcheries will be able to release into natural water reservoirs at least 644.3 millions of juvenile Pacific salmon, including following species:
- 200 millions of pink salmon
- 443 millions of chum salmon
- 1.3 millions of silver salmon and cherry salmon.
The next stage of inspection on all fishing farms will be held in the second and third quarters of 2012 when the committee checks a condition of young salmon just before its release into natural habitat (the sea).c

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