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05 August 2012

Excessive Ecological Demands Hamper Fish Processing Development

Method used to determine maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in waters discharged to the sea from coastal fish processing plants prevents industry development.

This is what Alexander Efremov said, general manager of Yuzhmorrybflot which is one of the largest Far Eastern fishing enterprises. Currently used in Russia method of determining the limit values for harmful substances in fish processing waste discharged into the sea uses the same methodology as for closed freshwater reservoirs, the water of which after purification can be used as a source of drinking water. As far as I know, Russia's standards for maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances have no analogues in the world. Neither US, nor the EU has such strict requirements. Therefore it is very difficult to develop fish processing in Russia without violating these environmental rules.
However, the general manager also recommended taking more active measures in solving waste disposal problem and encouraging the construction of waste water treatment facilities as well as taking into account the volumes of waste waters while designing municipal treatment facilities.
I do not know any fish processing enterprise in Primorye able to build its own effective wastewater treatment plant that would meet current standards. This issue opens new opportunities for investors who are up to starting such projects.
Have any ideas?

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