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14 August 2012

Herring Fever

What new Corfu-Karaginsky herring catching season to bring?

Corfu Karaginsky herring is one of the largest populations of Pacific herring in Russia. It belongs to a group of species whose population drastically changes even in consecutive years, and currently it is peaking. Therefore this year's allowable catch was increased by Russia’s authorities nearly by 10 times compared to previous year.
On July 12 Russia’s Federal Fishery Agency (FFA) approved catching volumes of herring in Karaginsky subzone on the level 128.6 thousand MT.
As I said, Corfu Karaginsky herring population is very variable, and it's recommended to avail of the opportunity and catch it when volumes of available fish are high, instead of postponing that for the next fishing season. However, I’ve learned from a reliable insider that allowable catch for the fishing season 2013 is also high, 126.6 thousand MT. But in 2014 scientists expect the population to decrease again. It is also worth to note that the current supply of other sought after product – Alaska Pollock – is low. Its quota set for Russian fishing companies is only about 30 thousand MT, so the much higher herring supply can be considered as an alternative and a very valuable resource.
Besides, I see a rising demand for herring during the later months. The reason is a sharp decline in production volume of Atlantic Herring in Norway, Russia and other countries due to the reduction of stocks. As a result, price for herring rose from 0.5 to 1.06 EUR/kg. I believe, Corfu Karaginsky herring would see a very high demand in both Russian and international fish markets.

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