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08 August 2012

International Workers To Help Russian Fish Industry?

By inviting trained skilled workers from China the Russian fish processing companies will gain a competitive advantage.

Lack and unavailability of trained workers are one of reasons of weak position of Russian fish industry in the international processed fish market. To solve this problem Alexander Efremov, CEO of Yuzhmorrybflot, one of the major Far Eastern fishing enterprises, suggests simplifying the procedures of hiring foreign labor for Russian fish processing companies as the most effective way to increase production and update technology to deeper fish processing. In his opinion, it would enable to launch pollock fillets production since Russian pollock is now the main object of processing at Chinese enterprises.
China's experience shows that the coastal fish processing requires manual labor, which provides fish processing and the best quality with minimal loss of raw materials. However, with the growth of fillet production volumes a quota for foreign labor will be reduced by replacing them with the domestic workers.
Another reason to attract international specialists is tied with the necessity of using high-tech equipment at Russian coastal processing enterprises. For example, to maintain such high-tech machinery as BAADER, even the most successful European and Asian companies has to invite foreign technical stuff.
According to the director, a state supported program of coastal fish processing implemented in the Primorsky Region showed almost zero results. He accounts it to the fact that fillets production requires higher technologies and labor skills. By increasing competition in the labor market at the expense of skilled guest workers, Russian companies will be able to produce more fish products with higher added value for export.
Let’s wait and see whether more deeply processed fish products will be supplied to international markets.

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