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17 August 2012

Magadan Hatcheries Released Chum Salmon Fry

Russian hatcheries develop chum salmon farming.

Chum Salmon is one of the most demanded products in the international fish market, and Russian enterprises strive for taking a bigger share in it. Over the past 10 years the annual volume of juvenile Pacific salmon from the hatcheries in Magadan region maintained on the level 20 million species. Of these chum salmon share accounts for about 10 million of fry.
Unfortunately, fish farming companies cannot reach the higher levels, since there are a number of problems. They include unfavorable temperature of water which prevents normal growth of fry and its survival in winter period. To reduce the impact of adverse external factors that affect the number of salmon in the wild, local fish farmers use cage rearing of fry. This practice provides an opportunity to more quickly adapt salmon to life in sea water, and obtain bigger and viable fry.
Among other important factors that inhibit the development of this business is obsolete factories that were neither reconstructed nor modernized in the last 10 years.
So there’s another field for international investors since bright prospects of chum salmon farming are obvious. Who is up to it?

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