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15 December 2011

EU on Wild vs. Farmed fish

Interesting extract from COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1276/2011 of 8 December 2011

“(4) Though the EFSA Opinion indicates that all wild caught seawater and freshwater fish must be considered at risk of containing viable parasites of human health hazard if these products are to be eaten raw or almost raw, in the case that epidemiological data show that the fishing grounds do not represent a health hazard with regard to the presence of parasites, the competent authority may adopt national measures which authorise an exemption from the required freezing treatment on fishery products derived from wild catches. These national measures should be notified to the Commission.
(5) The EFSA Opinion concludes that where farmed Atlantic salmon is reared in floating cages or onshore tanks, and fed compound feedstuffs, which are unlikely to contain live parasites, the risk of infection with larval anisakids is negligible unless changes in farming practices occur. Though the Opinion concludes that sufficient monitoring data are not available for any other farmed fish EFSA has set up criteria for considering when fishery products from aquaculture do not present a health hazard with regard to the presence of parasites.
(6) Therefore, if the same rearing procedures based on these criteria are followed, farmed fishery products other than Atlantic salmon may be considered to present a negligible risk for parasites that may be a risk to the health of the consumer. Consequently, such farmed fishery products may also be exempted from the freezing requirements while the high level of health protection is still ensured”

A kind contribution of Mrs. Susanne Loges (Flamingo Fisch GmbH & Co.KG).

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