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14 December 2012

Ambitious Plans For Russia’s Fishing Industry

Russia’s government plans to develop fishing industry in Primorskiy Region

Despite numerous obstacles, fishing industry in Russia develops. Recently I learned about a new government program “Fishing industry development for the period 2013-2017”. I’ve read it, and can share the most important facts with you.
Among other things a special attention in it is paid to measures for aquatic resources reproduction, existing fish processing plants modernization and new facilities construction, and increasing of production and exports of seafood with high added value. Of the latter I’ve told a lot in my previous posts.
The government program for fishery includes plans of hatcheries reconstruction where fry of some valuable fish species will be grown, and allocation more land for such farms. There is an ambitious goal to increase the aquaculture production volumes in 9 times by 2017 compared to 2011! Costs necessary for launching and maintenance of new hatcheries will be partially covered by the state budget, so investors should look closer to this opportunity. 
A special attention in the program is paid to the fish processing development, coastal processing especially, since huge volumes of fish pass through the ports of Primorskiy Region. It could be immediately processed on site and shipped abroad. And not only fish, but also scallops, sea cucumbers, etc., which can be grown in the region due to its favorable climate.
Another important aspect of the program is refrigerating facilities development. To date the total volume of all refrigeration facilities in the Primorskyi region is about 130 thousand MT, while total catch is over 2 million MT. Since there is no storage for the catch, a large part of it goes to refrigerating facilities in other countries. To fight that issue the program includes building and development of corresponding infrastructure. The first phase of it involves construction of new refrigeration facilities with capacity 200 thousand MT by 2017, and up to 700 thousand MT in more distant future.
As a conclusion I can say that if the program is just partly put into practice it will bring numerous benefits for international consumers interested in fish and seafood products from Russia.

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