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01 December 2012

Chinese Scientists Made Fish Survive Without Water

Unique technologies that allow transportation of live fish under anhydrous conditions for 72 hours have been developed in China

The breakthrough technology was developed in the laboratory of Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. By maintaining a low temperature, intense air-conditioning and creation of other conditions the scientists caused a deep sleep and shallow breathing of turbot fish, and then transported it in a waterless package for long distances.
At the moment these technologies are used for shipping of such species, as turbot, carp, goldfish and some others. In particular, transportation time of turbot in the anhydrous state can reach 72 hours, and upon waking up the fish can live for more than three months. According to Goli Van, the deputy director of the State Scientific Center of modern technologies for agricultural products transportation, every species of fish requires unique temperature and humidity conditions during transportation.
I can also add some more information from the article I’ve read in the Chinese “People's Daily.” It said that fish transportation in waterless package by surface transport reduces the shipping costs for about 30 per cent, and even more for air transportation.
So I can expect that in the coming years this new type of anhydrous transportation of very-very fresh (alive, in fact) fish will be used by fish exporters worldwide because of its lower costs. Let’s wait and see.

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