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09 December 2012

Concerns About Deepwater Fish Catching

European Council rejects sustainable fishing?

Recent European Council’s decision to set for 2013-2014 the total allowable catch for many deep-sea fish species above the level proposed by the European Commission is deeply disappointing. International environmental organization Oceana also spoke its negative attitude to this decision, and it’s hard not to share it.
The European branch of Oceana said that the Council was had to identify the direction in which the EU needs to move in order to achieve sustainability of deep-water species fishing, but the decision, in contrast, showed unwillingness of European countries to follow that way.
The point is that due to its natural characteristics like low fertility, slow growth, and late maturity, deep sea fishes are extremely sensitive to overfishing. Environmentalists believed that a deep-sea fishing reform proposed by the European Commission and to be discussed during 2013, could be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate responsibility in this respect. But by its action the European Council may reduce this initiative to nil.
Meanwhile, there’s some good news as well. The European Council agreed to keep at zero level the total quota for Icelandic snapper and deepwater shark, which are endangered populations, as well as to reduce the current levels of catch for some other fish species.
And what do you think of it?

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