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24 December 2012

Norwegian Fish Imports To Russia Dropped

Today I’d like to share with you some information concerning the fish and seafood exports into Russia and published by the Norwegian Fish Committee

In November this year total cost of fish and seafood exported from Norway to Russia was 761 million Euros. This is 3.1 million more than in the same period 2011. However, this rise mainly accounts to increased exports value than to growth in terms of volume. In November 2012 Norwegian fish exports to Russia totaled 30 thousand MT which is 8.6 thousand MT less than in November last year. Thus, comparing both periods, the total value of exports decreased by 3.4 per cent from 81.5 million Euros to 78.8 million Euros.
As for the Norwegian salmon exports, in November 2012 it reached 13.5 thousand MT, or 5.6 per cent less than the last year (14.3 thousand MT). Due to higher prices the total value of salmon imported into Russia slightly increased from 45.4 million Euros in November 2011 to 49 million Euros in November.
Norwegian Herring exports also saw a substantial decline – minus 25.4 percent compared to November 2011 (9.7 thousand MT in November 2012, 13 thousand MT in November 2011). Total value of exported herring decreased from 14.7 million Euros in 2011 to 11.7 million this year. Overall, the total volume of Norwegian herring exports into Russia since the beginning of this year reached 86.3 thousand MT compared with 103 thousand MT in the same period of 2011. However, due to higher prices the total value of Norwegian herring exports has grown by 6.6 per cent.
Norwegian Fjord Trout exports in November 2012 was 6.2 per cent higher than the last year, which amounted to 3.4 thousand MT (against 3.2 thousand MT in November 2011). However, in value terms the exports increased only by 5.1 percent, which is the result of a drop in prices against the same period in 2011. The total volume of Norwegian Fjord Trout exported into Russia in January-November 2012 amounted to 29 thousand MT, and surpassed the previous year results by 66 per cent (17.5 thousand MT). 
Taking into account quite successful measures taken by the Russia’s government in order to develop domestic fish industry and turn more Russian fishing companies to the local markets, it can be predicted that in a foreseeable future the fish imports (in volume terms) will continue dropping.

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