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31 December 2012

Trawling Ban In Hong Kong

Trawling no longer allowable in Hong Kong

New rule concerning fishing, which I felt to be put into effect sooner or later, was at last adopted. Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department introduced a ban on trawling that comes into force since the beginning of 2013.
The ban covers any manual or mechanical means used for dragging or towing a net through the water or on the seabed by one or several fishing vessels. So all the trawling activities like shrimp, pair, stern, hang and silver shrimp trawling are prohibited. Penalty for any offender is quite strict - maximum fine $200,000 must be paid and six months’ imprisonment depending on a degree of violation.
The reason for this wise solution is the fact that trawling is a non-selective fishing method, threatening to marine resources and ecosystem of Hong Kong seawaters. Hopefully, similar measures will be taken by all other states where trawling is still widely used.

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