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24 February 2012

Allowable catch of Russian herring can grow by 10 times

Herring quota in Karaginsky subzone can be increased

As I’ve learned from insider information, in 2012 herring quota in Karaginsky subzone (Kamchatka peninsula) can be increased to 128.6 thousand metric tons. It is almost a 10-fold increase from current quota (13 thousand metric tons).
This decision is based on aerial surveys data, autumn and winter fishing monitoring, etc.
Historically (since 2005) industrial fishing of herring in Karaginsky subzone has been banned due to low population.
Now so called Corfo-Karaginsky herring population is increasing. Scientists even offered to allow fishing to Russian fishing companies from other regions as in their opinion, local fishermen of Kamchatka may not cope with great volumes.
Of course this faces some opposition from local fishing companies, who state that they have sufficient catching capacities.

The point is that in order to utilize a new higher quota for herring, the companies should carry out considerable works in the shortest possible time since for those years when catching was very limited, facilities has fallen into decline, and boats have been converted for different needs.
So at the moment the fishing companies do need investments into reconstruction, rebuilding and purchasing of new equipment.
And I’m absolutely sure that the investments will pay out very soon. If you have something to offer or learn details, just contact me.

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