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18 February 2012

Forecast Russian Far Eastern fishing industry in 2013

Preliminary catches forecast in the Far Eastern region in 2013 presented

Experts of PFRC (Pacific Fisheries Research Center) presented a preliminary catches forecast in the Far Eastern region in 2013. According to the PFRC  press release, in the next year a preliminary total amount of recommended catch can reach 3.54 million metric tons (excluding Pacific salmon and freshwater fish). Of this the shares of various sea recourses are as followed:
fish – about 2,879 thousand metric tons
crustaceans – about 64 thousand metric tons
mollusks – 341 thousand metric tons
algae – 221 thousand metric tons
and some smaller parts of other aquatic biological resources. This is 55.8 thousand tons less than the total amount of recommended catch approved for 2012.
A main reason for decline is a natural fluctuation of fish, Pollock in particular. So, volume of allowable catch of this species in the Far Eastern basin was decreased by 131.8 thousand metric tons.
Of course, the numbers are rather indicators, however they give us a clear trend for planning next years business.

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