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14 February 2012

Russian exports are growing, while imports decrease

There is a room for further growth of Russian fish export.

Imported fish and sea products will not supplant those of the Russian companies.
The process of import substitution for the Russian seafood will continue after Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization. This opinion was recently expressed by Andrew Krainiy, the head of Federal Agency for Fishery.
In January-November 2011 export of Russian fish products increased compared to the previous year by 6.9%, while imports, by contrast, declined by 10%. At once statistics shows increase of internal consumption.
And this process will continue: share of domestic fish production on the Russian market will be growing.
As for prospects of exports of Russian sea products, I believe there is a room for further growth. Why? Because Russian fishing and fish-processing companies possess all the necessary facilities for that, and the whole industry is being facelifted. My forecast: expect more value-added sea products from Russia in mid-term, not only raw material supply.
Anyway, if you have your own view on this matter, don't hesitate to post it here.

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