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12 February 2013

More Quality Russian Fish

South Kuril fish processing plant has improved and increased its facilities

Recently a significant event for Kuril Islands fisheries happened – South Kuril fish processing plant, which is a part of the fishing company, has put into full exploitation renovated fish processing section on the Kunashir Island.
As a result of the renovation, the production facilities have been much expanded, and the plant has been equipped to provide a processing capacity 150 MT of raw material per day. Now all main equipment works at full capacity.
The plant is able to process different fish species supplied by the fishing company. The main species processed at the plant are highly demanded Alaska Pollock and cod, as well as Pacific salmon. As I learned, there is also equipment to process various flatfish fish species and saury.
Upon reception each fish species is directed to its corresponding processing zone, i.e. different species are processed individually according to its specific requirements, like decapitation only, or decapitation and evisceration, or decapitation, gutting and filleting, or freezing, etc.
What I liked about the plant is that everything has been done in accordance with the HACCP and European standards requirements, therefore quality is guaranteed.
Besides, the plant is designed for operation during not only the salmon fishing season, but all year round.
So if you’re interested in supply of certain fish species from this plant, just contact me.

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