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20 February 2013

Pacific Salmon Quota To Be Increased

Scientists recommend to double quota for the Pacific Salmon catch in Kolyma region in 2013

As I learned from interview of the Magadan of Fisheries and Oceanography Research Institute director Sergei Marchenko, basing on data obtained during sea expeditions in 2012, the scientists recommend for an allowable catch in 2013 more than 6.5 thousand MT of various salmon species, which is nearly two times more than the actual total catch in 2012.
The quota increase is connected with the fact that 2013 is an odd year, and higher quantities of the Pacific salmon traditionally come in odd years. During even 2012 year Russian fishing companies which were operating in Kolyma region were able to catch only about 3 thousand MT.
The forecasts will be updated, but in general it can be safely expected the increase of catches for all the salmon species present in the region, including pink salmon up to 4.3 thousand MT. Last year it was caught just about 400 tons of it.

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