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12 January 2012

Far Eastern herring distinguished

More good news from Far Eastern fishermen.

Some more good news from Far Eastern fishermen. From the beginning of this year Russian fishing companies caught 59.25 tons of herring, which is 17.22 thousand tons more than in 2011. This increment is accounted for better fishing in the Okhotsk Sea​​.
According to the press-service of the Center for Fishery Monitoring and Communication, in the Okhotsk Sea the caught ​​of herring comprised 49.9 thousand tons, which is almost twice as higher as in the same period in 2011.
Still, in foreign fishing zones (particularly, in Norway) catch of herring is almost two times less compared to last year's results – 8.39 thousand tons.
Probably, Norwegian herring just don’t want to be caught into foreign nets.

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