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24 January 2013

Good Start Of Pollock Fishing In Russia

Pollock fishing season in Russia have just started, and already brought some good news

As I learned, some days back a deputy Head of the Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery, Vasily Sokolov, held the first meeting devoted to the new pollock fishing season. According to his report, by January 16 in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk it was caught 30.7 thousand MT of Alaska Pollock, and 32.2 thousand MT of Pacific Herring.
The daily average catch of pollock by a single large-capacity fishing vessel ranges from 72.8 thousand to 147 thousand MT. The total catch over the past weeks was about 25 thousand MT, which is higher than in the same period of 2012. Currently, most of the vessels fishing for pollock are employed in the West Kamchatka and Okhotsk subareas.
Curiously, fish sizes in different regions vary. While in the northern regions of the Okhotsk Sea the most part of pollock is 37-38 cm long, in the Okhotsk subarea average size of fish is a bit more, 41-43 cm. The average size of herring is 28.5-29 cm.
Scientists and fishermen are highly optimistic about the overall fishing situation, as well as about the prospects for both pollock and herring. So am I.

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