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30 January 2013

Japan: «Quick Fish» Gains Popularity

Japanese government wants to prevent a decline in fish consumption in the country by promoting so-called “fast fish” which is easy to prepare.

According to the statistics of the Fisheries Agency of Japan, every year Japanese consumers buy less fish, and switch to beef and pork instead.
To fight that, in August 2012 the government launched a new initiative which includes promotion of semi-finished saury in the “Aeon” supermarket chain. This move was successful as the demand was very high, and 400,000 packages were sold out in less than two months.
Kinzo Matsumoto, general manager of the Aeon’s seafood department, explained that the success of the new product is associated with active advertising, which focused on the fact that this fish can be eaten with bread. The products bear the Fisheries Agency's seal of approval, and their average price ranges from $3.5 to $4.5.
Not only young, but older buyers were also enthusiastic consumers of “fast fish”, because it is easy and quick to prepare.
In mid-October the Tokyo branch of Aeon offered customers more “fast fish” varieties. 20 new products include vacuum packed saury and salmon with extra spices.
According to the market analysts, the current trend in the fish consumption shows that more people prefer their food to be “fast”, i.e. they do not want to spend time for cooking some complicate dishes. Besides, “fast” aspect became necessary to attract those customers who recently reject fish in favor of meat.
I wonder if this product ever appears outside Japan? Don’t hesitate to express your opinion here!

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