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06 January 2013

New Fishing Rules For EU

Fishery Committee of the European Parliament approved the basic rules of the new European Fisheries Policy

According to the document, one of the main points of the new rules is a requirement for the EU countries to stop overfishing and extra fish disposal.
Majority of members vote for the fisheries policy reform. No later than 2015 the ministries on fisheries of the EU countries should introduce new quotas that allow fish stocks to recover to sustainable levels by as early as 2020.
According to another point of the document, between 2014 and 2017 it’s planned to introduce a ban on offal fish. This means that the fishermen of the EU countries, including those fishing outside the EU water territories, will be required to deliver on shore and register all the fish caught.
Then, permits for the fishery products can be cancelled. It means that each country will decide which way to verify the legitimacy of the water biologic resources extraction.
In addition, members of the European Union agreed to develop management plans for all types of fishing, to create a marine reserves network, and submit information about their fishing fleet. Under the new rules, those countries that do not reduce the overstock of fishing vessels will not be able to receive funding from the European Foundation for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
I can not but speak in support of the new rules, and expect that they to be approved by the European Parliament. The vote will be held in the first quarter of 2013. And what’s your opinion about this?

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