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10 January 2013

Norway: Salmon Exports Grew in 2012

Last year was successful for Norwegian salmon

Compared to 2011, since the beginning of 2012 the volume of Norwegian salmon exports grew to 22 percent, while prices for salmon increased by 1 percent, or 47.1 millions Euro. 
Thus, increase in the total income is accounted mainly to larger volumes of exported salmon. But even despite higher volumes of exports, the average price of Norwegian salmon was slightly higher than the last year. This growth is driven by continuing positive trends in sales of fresh and smoked salmon in most markets.
In November 2012 the average export price for fresh whole Norwegian salmon was EUR 3.69/kg. This is 28 cents higher than in November 2011, and 19 cents higher compared to the previous month.
EU countries remain the largest consumer of the Norwegian salmon, and I see a clear trend of growing importance of the EU for Norway. Total export growth in the EU was above average, and saw 16 percent rise in November. Among the EU countries, Poland has demonstrated the highest demand for Norwegian salmon. The country has increased the volume of imports by 33 percent, and in November became the second most important market for Norwegian salmon after France which, in turn, increased the imports by 18 percent.
On the other hand, exports to Russia declined, of which I’ve written in one of my previous posts. After the growth in October by 21 percent, the export trend changed in November. Compared to November of 2011, exports declined by 5 percent down to 13.6 thousand MT. However, for the year to date, total exports of Norwegian salmon to Russia shows a notable 33 per cent growth to 120 thousand MT.
Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on the trends for 2013!

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