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14 January 2013

Upbeat Prospects For Russian Salmon And Pollock

More good news for consumers of Pacific Salmon and Alaska Pollock from Russia

As I’ve recently learned, the adopted level of recommended catch for the Pacific salmon for 2013 will exceed 300 thousand MT. This figure was said at a meeting of the Far Eastern specialized salmon committee.
At the meeting, which was held in December, there were discussed issues relating to forecasts of possible catch of Pacific salmon in the coastal areas and territorial sea of ​​the Russian Federation for 2013. According to the press service release of the All-Russian Fisheries and Oceanography Research Institute, the experts agreed all the disputable positions, and the recommended catch of Pacific salmon for 2013 was set at level over 300 thousand MT.
Besides, the survey performed in autumn 2012 showed that an adopted level of allowable catch of pink salmon in the Okhotsk Sea ​​can be increased in near future.
As for the Alaska Pollock, the scientists assessed its stocks in the Far Eastern basin as fairly stable. In some areas it can be expected an increase in the total allowable catch.
Preliminary data showed that the allowable catch of pollock in the West Bering Sea zone may be increased. On the other hand, experts expect that in the main area of ​​Russia’s pollock fishing, the Okhotsk Sea, its volumes be lower. However, Alaska Pollock stocks in the Pacific coast of Kamchatka and the Kuril islands are in a good condition, therefore there is a probability of the allowable catch level increase. In general, as reported in the press service of the Research Institute, a condition of pollock stocks in the Far Eastern is relatively stable and without significant negative characteristics.
So if you buy salmon and pollock from Russia, you can build a little more ambitious plans for 2013!

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