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09 July 2012

Russia, Sakhalin Pink Salmon Fisheries MSC certified

Prospects of Russia’s joining WTO positively affect some related matters.

Recent award of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification confirming compliance with standards for sustainable and well-managed fishery to two of the salmon fishing companies in the north-eastern Sakhalin are one of these.

Certificate was awarded to the autonomous nonprofit organization “Sakhalin Salmon Initiative” and the Fishermen Association of Sakhalin. What does this mean? Passing certification indicates that fishing business on Sakhalin is stable and transparent. Marine Stewardship Council recognized the effectiveness of utilization of pink salmon resources.

Similar attempts of salmon fishing certification are also being made in the Aniva Bay. Everything points to the fact that other local fishing companies will also be awarded with certification.

Sakhalin fishermen are among the first in Russian fishing business who began to take sustainability and ecology as a serious matter.
Taking into the account that a large amount of Alaska salmon fisheries discontinued their participation in MSC earlier current year, I believe it is going to be a rain-check for the MSC on how certification reflects on the international market price of the fisheries awarded with certification.

Very... very interesting.

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