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01 July 2012

Russian Catches In May Richer Compared to Last Year

Good news for Russian seafood buyers.

It’s time to sum up results of operation of Far Eastern fishing companies, and, fortunately, they do not disappoint. In May more than 90 thousand MT of seafood was caught in Kamchatka sea waters, with the most active fishing in the North-Kuril region.
According to the press service of Kamchatka Fishing Research And Scientific Organization, in the last month the total catch in the Western Bering Sea and the North Kuril zones and several subzones amounted to 91.339 thousand MT. For comparison, in May 2011 that figure was about 84.4 thousand MT.
Catches of five species comprised 82.8 per cent (75.615 thousand MT:
-          Alaska Pollock (39.898 thousand MT)
-          flounder (10.4 thousand MT)
-          greenling (8.795 thousand MT)
-          cod (7.371 thousand MT)
-          grenadier (5.382 thousand MT).
Compared to the same period last year there is an increase in production of Pollock, flounder and grenadiers.
As for results of past five months, they are following: overall production volumes of Pollock nearly coincided with last year: 902.632 thousand MT (in 2012) against 902.872 (in 2011), while smaller catch in January-May were for herring (-26.543 thousand MT), flounder (-0.391 thousand MT) and Greenland halibut (-0.304 thousand MT).

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