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23 July 2012

World Fish Market Hits Records

30th session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries in Rome finished, and I'd like to write some words about its report that concern fish industry.

The document titled "State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture" states that the sector produced a record 128 million MT of fish and other seafood, or an average of 18.4 kg per person, and in 2011 the world trade reached a record mark 125 billion USD.
According to Arne Mathisen, Director of the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, fisheries and aquaculture contribute significantly to food security and economic growth. However, the sector encounters wide spectrum of issues, among which I consider harmful methods of fishing being one of the most serious. FAO urged governments to make efforts to ensure sustainable fisheries in the world. Another thing the report highlights is that most of aquatic biological resources are under enormous pressure, i.e. intensively utilized.
According to the statistics, nearly 30% of fish recourses are exposed to excessive utilization, approximately 57% are fully utilized, and only 13% are utilized not fully.
The report concluded that in order to enhance the contribution of fish industry to world food security the effective management plans shall be developed and implemented to restore depleted stocks and promote sustainable fishing and fish farming.
I'm glad that our strategy is in line with the consensus.

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