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19 June 2012

Fishermen to Share Salmon With Bears (a bit off topic)

Russian bears should receive their quota of wild salmon, scientists say.

Vodka, Red Square and bears – probably, they are still those very things closely associated with Russia. But while vodka and the Red Square do not need any measures to preserve them, wild bears do. According to experts, the population of bears in Kamchatka during the season requires more than 13 thousand tons of salmon. These amounts should be taken into account in the quota distribution between the categories of fishing companies and amateur fishermen.
Experts of Forestry Agency and Animals Protection of Kamchatka call for such measures as taking into account the amount of fish consumption by bears, as well as their spatial distribution on the territory in the period of wild salmon spawning.
Research suggests that wild salmon and pink salmon in particular are the main food source for bears in the period when they put on weight before winter. Whether a bear wake up hungry or not depends on how much fish he eats before going into hibernation.
Last year bears weren’t able to receive the necessary quantity of fish, and more frequent cases of attacks on people are largely accounted to this fact.
Recently the Kamchatka Governor said that the government of the region is willing to take tough measures to preserve wild salmon populations, up to the full ban of fishing on some spawning rivers of the peninsula for two or three years. He called to be more responsible towards wild nature. 
And of course, I fully support him!

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