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12 March 2012

Alaska Pollock and Pacific herring turn to Russian domestic market

More fish for Russia!

First, some statistics: currently 145 vessels are deployed in Alaska Pollock and Pacific herring fishing in Russia. Daily catch per vessel in North Okhotsk subarea is around 60 metric tons of herring and 200 metric tons of Pollock.
Since the beginning of 2012 Russian fisheries produced 370.9 thousand metric tons of Pollock and 77 thousand metric tons of herring. Due to favorable meteorological conditions in the past few weeks fisheries were able to make up for temporary decrease of Alaska Pollock production compared to 2011. However, by now catches of herring even exceed past results by about 25 thousand metric tons. In general, total volumes surpass last year's results.
But the most important is that more than 150 thousand metric tons of seafood went to the domestic Russian market, while exports comprised about 160 thousand metric tons.
Clear trend: an increase in the proportion of Pacific herring and Alaska Pollock delivered to the inner market compared to the last year. By the look of things, this trend will keep in at least mid-term perspective.

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