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13 March 2012

Boston Seafood-2012: and I was there

Impressions and observations at Boston Seafood

Boston Seafood greeted show visitors with sunny and crusty-cold weather. It’s a great city with rich history, and I actually managed to escape to Harvard campus which was just about 10 minutes drive from the expo center.
Down to things that you are actually expecting to hear:
Talking with some representatives of Chinese fish-processing and exporting companies, I could not but notice their frustration about quite sluggish activity of their customers from Europe. Businessmen from China told that recently demand for the Chinese production steadily decreased, so at the Boston Seafood my past feelings about it were confirmed.
Along with that many US suppliers of the Alaska Pollock are becoming more active, or even aggressive on the European seafood markets, and these two trends are clearly interconnected.
Essentially, I’d express the most general feature of the Boston Seafood Show of this year in four words “more talks, less deals”. It was very interesting and educative to hear reports and discuss various aspects of the current situation and future trends, but it would be far more profitable to meet serious buyers and partners there.
Note on a side: great organization and impressive list of participants once again proved this show to be a must-attend event for professionals for now and in the future.
Switching off my wifi while taking off now.

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