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28 March 2012

Fishing forecast for April-June

Scientists give fishing forecast for April-June

During the latest meeting of the PFRC (Pacific Fisheries Research Center) participants discussed a forecast for allowable catches during the second quarter of 2012.
As a result, Far Eastern fishing companies are allowed to catch over 628 thousand metric tons of aquatic biological resources. The biggest share of the catch (280 thousand metric tons) was traditionally accounted for Alaska Pollock. As for other kinds of seafood, figures are as following:
-        41.6 thousand metric tons of Pacific herring
-        40.6 thousand metric tons of flatfish
-        12.2 thousand metric tons of salmon
-        29.7 thousand metric tons of greenling.
-        28.1 thousand metric tons of cod, etc.
It was also noted that the upcoming period most likely will bring increase of the number of fishing areas and development of facilities, as well as a beginning of industrial coastal fishing during 2012 salmon fishing season.
During the first two months of this year the Russian fishing companies have caught 458.3 thousand metric tons of aquatic biological resources. The main part of the total caught was Alaska Pollock - 353.9 thousand metric tons. It is 90 thousand metric tons less than in the same period of 2011. Perhaps, to compensate that, catches of Pacific herring in the North Okhotsk subarea excel past results by 16.3 thousand metric tons. Anyone solved Alaska Pollock riddle yet?

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