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06 March 2012

On the road to Boston Seafood 2012

Expectations and forecasts before the show.

Personally, I think this show will be very engaging and indeed very interesting. Even if you had not attended Boston before and are in Alaska Pollock business – there is no chance you should miss it this time.
I will skip the part “….Superocean accounts itself as an active and engaged company (we like to think these are some of our core values), so we could not miss The International Boston Seafood Show 2012 - the largest seafood event in North America….”

What do we expect?

Alaska Pollock Bubble
Price pressure has been an issue during the past months in Europe. US sellers have increasingly offered MSC fillet products at low prices, however European processors I’ve spoken to had no certainty about the “bottom”. And altrough I’ve heard very good offers that US sellers where offering (and I advised European buyers to buy at these levels), none or little of deals where concluded.
I’m sure the situation will be resolved during the show.

Salmon price indication and pre-negotiation
2012 is an off-year for Far-East salmon, however low supply means high price. Smaller players may be under strong pressure to pre-sell some of the catch to prepare for the season. Most likely at unreasonable prices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet in person and talk business.
I will be around the show, and have meetings all over the booths, but am always happy to meet new people and companies. Use Superocean website to schedule an appointment.

Truly yours,
Dmitry Fedotov

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