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29 March 2012

Sturgeons for mass market from Russian Ural

Ural fish breeding companies increase production of this valuable fish species.

During 2011 fisheries of Sverdlovsk region increased volumes of fish by almost 10%, and bred over 100 tons of trout and various species of sturgeon, including:
- 66 metric tons of trout
- 20 metric tons of sturgeon
- 17 metric tons of starlet.
While volume of fish caught in natural waters was 505 tons, the fisheries produced 497 tons of these valuable species, and in 2012 their results will certainly be even better.
Along with volumes, a range of species is also growing, and by now 18 Sverdlovsk fisheries can offer more than 20 species of sturgeon, trout and similar kinds of fish.
One of the most ambitious plans of Ural fish breeders is an increase of the sturgeon volumes by 20% annually in order to maintain commercial production of the most famous Russian product, black caviar. Should these plans realize (I sincerely hope so), we’ll probably be able to offer a nice new line of products soon.

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