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25 May 2012

Russian regulator introduces restrictions on Vietnamese seafood

Harmful microorganisms in Vietnamese seafood

Shortly after import ban of Norwegian salmon, Russia’a Rosselkhoznadzor recently introduced more measures aimed to regulate foreign suppliers. This time temporary restrictions are laid on several kinds of seafood imports from Vietnamese enterprises. The reason is a high content of harmful microorganisms.

Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision petitioned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam and expressed its concern about increase of microbial contamination detected in the Vietnamese fish and other products entering the Russian market.

As reported in the Rosselkhoznadzor report, laboratory monitoring showed presence of an increased number of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms in following products:
- iridescent shark produced by enterprises DL 500 and DL 3644
- cuttlefish produced by enterprise NC 128,
- minced surimi produced by enterprises DL144 and DL295
- dried fish produced by enterprises NC 439.

Besides, coliforms were found in cooled squid (DL 344), iridescent shark fillet (DL 183), minced surimi (DL 295 and DL 144). Listeria was found in iridescent shark fillets (DL 308) and in black shrimp (DL 409).

Rosselkhoznadzor applied to Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture with a request to conduct an investigation in order to identify the causes of these microorganism presence in the production and develop measures aimed to eliminate further cases. Russian authorities plan to introduce temporary restrictions on imports of fish and seafood products of Vietnamese enterprises DL500 and DL36, and have already intensified laboratory monitoring of products that come from fish processing enterprises DL183, DL295, DL144, NC 128, DL344, DL308, DL409, NC 439. In case of repeated violations the products from all of the companies listed will be fully banned.

Interesting trend, but no real opinion on my side yet. If you have one - please comment.

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