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20 May 2012

Russian salmon: forecast for 2012

According to research of PFRC (Pacific Fisheries Research Center), assumed volume of Pacific salmon catch in 2012 will comprise 275.4 thousand metric tons.

Traditionally, the main species predicted is the pink salmon with a share of 62 per cent of the total catch. As 2012 is an even year, the largest catches of salmon are expected in western Kamchatka, Sakhalin Island, and Kuril Islands.
The results of research indicate a high population of pink salmon in the western part of Kamchatka, therefore there’s a possibility of increasing an initially recommended volumes in course of the fishing season.
Compared to odd years, in the East Kamchatka zone the catches of salmon are going to be smaller, and the total expected catch would be about 6 thousand metric tons. Catches of salmon in the West Sakhalin subzone will also be lower, about 3.4 thousand metric tons.
However, even years are known for rich catches of salmon in the Sea of Japan – in 2012 it is expected to produce about 9.5 thousand metric tons of this fish.
As for other species of salmon, catches will be as following:
- chum salmon – 70.2 thousand metric tons
- sockeye salmon – 29.7 thousand metric tons
Experts promise that the total catch of salmon in the Russian Far East could reach 300-320 thousand metric tons. It’s an optimistic forecast, but I would say it’s close to reality.

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