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09 November 2012

Fish Becomes Smaller?

Not long ago I came across a research made by Canadian researchers in the University of British Columbia.

According to it, current processes occurring in world oceans due to both natural and man-made factors along with climate change may lead to fishes getting smaller in size.
Researchers associated this possibility with warming of the oceans and lower oxygen content in it. 600 different species of fish from all over the ocean have been studied by computer simulation. The results showed that in the period from 2000 to 2050 maximum size of many species may reduce by 14-20 per cent.
This is the first large-scale work on the impact of the dissolved oxygen content in ocean water to the maximum fish size. However, more than 30 years ago renowned marine biologist Daniel Pauli already told about this link.
According to scientists, the study proved a pressing need to develop a strategy for monitoring of changes caused by the global warming, and measures of adapting to them.
So shall we review the current standard for fish sizes in not so distant future?

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