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26 November 2012

Russia’s Minister Proposes Fish Export Limits

Volumes of seafood export from Russia may be reduced.

Victor Ishayev, Minister for the Far Eastern District Development, recently spoke for the legal fish exports limiting.
The reason for this statement is following. Over the past 4 years the overall export of Russian fish and seafood increased by 20.7 per cent, and by 42.9 per cent from the Far Eastern Federal District alone. Traditionally, the main exported species were Alaska pollock and crab, and in 2011 the Pacific salmon and Pacific herring were added. According to the President’s press service, from 2009 to 2011 volumes of exported herring have increased by 3 times, while in Russia annual consumption of this fish has decreased from 4.7 to 3.7 kg. In addition, imported Atlantic herring continuously replaces domestic fish supplied by Russian fishing companies.
In general, in latest years consumption of imported fish in Russian has increased dramatically and reached 22 per cent. This is mostly salmon from Norway, trout, tilapia, iridescent shark, and other imported species.
According to Viktor Ishayev, Russian laws provide favorable conditions for fish exports. To fight that, he offered to introduce government regulation for exports in order to make fish supply to the domestic market more beneficial for Russian fishing companies.
Minister proposed to include fresh, frozen and chilled fish in the existing list of products that are essential for the domestic Russian market, in respect of which temporary restriction or ban of export may be applied in certain cases.
In my previous posts I already told about the measures developed by the government to attract Russian fish suppliers to the domestic market. This tendency begins to show in the Russia’s fish exports policy lately, and the minister’s statement is just another proof of it.

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