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06 September 2012

Deployed Quotas For Salmon Close To 100 per cent

Russian fisheries to show good results

The current fishing season is going to be fairly successful for most of Russia’s fishing companies. By now the total volume of Pacific salmon caught in all fishing areas of Kamchatka reached 228.9 thousand MT.
Thus, the deployment of the recommended volume (about 244 thousand MT) approached 97 per cent.
As reported by the Northeast Russian Fishery administration, pink salmon comprised the main volume of the total catch; it was caught 158 thousand MT (recommended volume is 170 thousand MT).
Second and third places are held by sockeye (about 40 thousand MT) and chum salmon (27 thousand MT). Quotas for these species of salmon are utilized for 95.6 per cent and 92.4 per cent respectively.
Of the recommended 1890 MT of coho salmon it was caught about 90 thousand MT, and 478 MT of chinook (recommended volume is 608 thousand MT).
The highest catch rates were stated in the West Kamchatka and Okhotsk subareas where 123 thousand MT of Pacific salmon was caught. In other areas catches are as follows:
-              29.2 thousand MT in Karaginsk subzone
-              15.8 thousand MT in Petropavlovsk-Commandorskiy
-              6.3 thousand MT in West Bering Sea.
So it can be expected that rising demand for Russian salmon from domestic and international consumers will be fully satisfied.

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