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03 September 2012

Fish from Primorskiy Region in Demand

In August total exports of fish products from fisheries of Primorsky Region to international market reached 466.6 million USD.

This figure is 2.8 per cent higher compared to the same period in 2011.
However, it’s rather accounted to higher prices for fish and seafood from Russia than to higher volumes of exported products. On the basis of quantities, in contrast, volume declined by 11.1 per cent to 280.6 thousand MT, as reported by Primorskiy statistics agency.
As for exported products structure, it hasn’t changed:
-              Fresh and frozen fish - 300.1 million USD (64 per cent of total value)
-              Fish caviar, liver, and milt - 73.8 million USD (16 per cent)
-              Crustaceans - 46.1 million USD (10 per cent).
In January-July of 2012 fish and seafood from the fish processing plants located in the Primorskiy Region were exported to 13 countries, including CIS. The biggest share was supplied to the Republic of Korea (162.3 million USD, or 35 per cent), China (154.6 million USD, or 33 percent), and Japan (69.5 million USD, or 15 per cent).
Probably, the current distribution of export will not change much in a foreseeable future, but I’m interested to know your opinion. Don’t hesitate to comment!

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