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30 September 2012

Kamchatka Salmon Certified For Environmental Standards

MSC certification for Russian sockeye salmon made it available to international consumers

According to the press service of Kronotsky nature reserve administration, sockeye salmon fishing on Ozernaya River was recognized sustainable.
This, Asia's largest sockeye salmon (red salmon) fishery became the third Russian certified fishery and joined the pink and chum salmon from Iturup and pink salmon from northeastern Sakhalin. All three fisheries are entitled to label its fish products with universally recognized MSC logo. This is good news for international fish importers since now fish products labeled with MSC logo will be able to take its place in global market.
Most part of sockeye fished in the Ozernaya River is exported to Asian countries, mainly to Japan, but, as far as I know, European retailers are also highly interested in buying high-quality Russian fish from Kamchatka. However, up till now absence of MSC logo on the fish products prevented international companies from buying. Quoting Jason Ogilvie, president of Canadian company “Pasco Seafood Enterprises”, “we are happy to know that sockeye fishing in Ozernaya River was recognized environmentally sustainable and stable source of seafood for the global market”. The importer also called this red salmon the world-class product. I can not but join this saying.
So if you are also interested in delivering the best fish from Russia to your consumers, just let me know.

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