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17 September 2012

Optimistic Outlook For Salmon Fishing In Russia

Pacific salmon fishing season in Russia will be successful

More than 340 thousand MT of Pacific salmon was caught by Far Eastern fishing companies by now. Thus, results of the current fishing season comply with most optimistic forecasts for even (“fishless”) year. Catch of Pacific salmon by the reporting date exceeded leading indicators in 2010 by more than half, with Kamchatka region leading.
Vladimir Galitsin, Minister of Kamchatka region Fishery, said that the final annual catch will reach 250 thousand MT.
In other subareas the biggest catches of Pacific salmon on Sakhalin Island were got on the south-eastern coast. Salmon catches in the southern Kurils peaked in the last week of August.
In Khabarovsk region the total caught of salmon exceeded 30 thousand MT, and now fisheries wait for chum salmon that will arrive later in autumn.
In Magadan region catches of salmon are not as high as in other regions. To date about 1800 MT was caught. However, this corresponds to the previous forecast made by scientists.
As for the fish distribution, the information I’ve received confirms the trends of which I’d previously told: growing supply to the domestic seafood market and decrease of exports. Since the beginning of the year volume of fish supplied by Russian fishing companies to the domestic market amounted to 382 thousand MT, including 43 thousand MT of salmon (all species) which is twice as higher than in 2011, while total exports dropped by 116 thousand MT compared to the same period last year. For example, only 3.2 thousand MT of salmon was exported in 2012.
Anyway, I expect this trend will not influence our consumers’ business.

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