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15 September 2012

Russia’s Customs Opened “Green Corridor” For Imported Fish

Russia’s joining EU brings new advantages for fish importers

I’m glad to share with you good news! Russia’s Federal Customs Department (FCD) simplified custom control procedures for seafood imports in order to accelerate its delivery to consumers and create favorable conditions for Russian import companies that are willing to work transparently.
The advantages of this solution, obviously made due to joining the WTO, are clear. First, it will provide faster and easier procedures regarding inspection of imported fish, covering documents check, and requests for additional information. Second, reduction of delivery terms will be favorable to quality of fish and seafood, which are classified as perishable goods, and enable to increase total turnover.
However, to be able to use rules the import companies shall comply with some important conditions which include direct contracts with international fish suppliers, payments for imported products directly to the producer/supplier, significant amount of the registered capital and annual turnover. Thus, only companies that do not use various schemes to evade payments of customs duties and taxes like substitution of the country of origin, shipping documents falsification, etc. will be allowed to work according to the “Green Corridor” rules.
In my opinion, this step will enable to create a list of reliable companies thus making Russia’s fish market even more attractive for international exporters and draw those companies which were not willing to export their products due to lack of transparency in business with Russia.

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