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26 September 2012

Russian Trout From American Spawn

In December first trout fry grown from American spawn will appear at Russia's largest trout hatchery in Karelia.

Small village Soskua suddenly became known to all fish experts after starting a trout hatchery there. Its aquariums are planned to be filled with fry in mid-December.
The hatchery is designed for growing about 12.5 millions of fry species annually which then will be sold to fisheries of Karelia and Leningrad region for further growing. It normally takes about 4 months from the beginning of growing to delivery of commercial trout to customers.
There’s also another trout hatchery in s neighboring village, but its current productivity is almost three times lower.
Why will spawn be imported from USA? The point is that spawn production in Russia is on nearly zero level, and its export is still the cheapest option. In view of growing demand for fish, including many valuable species like trout, idea of starting a spawn production business in Russia sounds very promising. Who’s up to it?

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