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Sustainable seafood is the future

Our concern
 In recent years, a growing number of consumers are demanding for sustainable seafood that has not been caught with destructive fishing techniques. Some of these unethical and destructive fishing techniques include bottom trawling and supply of seafood from overfished stocks.

New sustainable seafood purchasing policies have since been implemented worldwide to ensure more transparent and accountability on where seafood supplies are sourced.

How we contribute
As a responsible corporation, Superocean abides to the rules, regulations and governing policies by the Fishing Association. (Superocean will provide website & name of authority)

In addition, our Russian fishery partners are not only the largest taxpayers in the region but also resolute against the utilization and exploitation of child labor. You can be assured that every step of the catch process is both ethical and traceable – accompanied by daily reports to ensure we abide to all governing regulatory organizations.

In the case of wild pink salmon and chum salmon, our Russian producers adopt a “catch & breed” process. Every spring, salmons are bred at the hatchery and released into their natural habitat before the fishing season begins to ensure continuity of this nature resource.

Quota based fishing
For other deep sea products such as Alaskan Pollock, our suppliers abide to the quota guidelines set by the regulatory organizations so that over-catching does not occur.

We have only one earth and sustainable seafood is the way forward.